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wall paints

Experience a world of transformative coatings with our diverse paint range. From Diamond Glaze to Premium Glaze, each offering 3 to 10-year warranties, our paints redefine surfaces. Equalling counterparts like Ultima and Royal, they provide water resistance and durability for interiors and exteriors. With coverage spanning 70 to 120 square feet, choose from versatile options like Normal Glaze . Embrace innovation with various packaging choices, from 1lt to 20lt, and unleash creativity with every stroke.

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Car polish

Discover our range of premium polishes designed to rejuvenate and protect your vehicle’s surfaces. From the interior to the exterior, our specialized formulations offer high gloss finishes and lasting durability. Safely enhance shine and guard against the elements with ease. Choose from a variety of options, including water-based dressers, silicone-enhanced tire polish, and versatile all-purpose cleaners. Elevate your car care routine with our exceptional polishes, ensuring a renewed and brilliant appearance every time.

About us

Auto Glaze Products, founded by Ankit Kumar in 2010, specializes in manufacturing car detailing chemicals. With a growing line of products including polishes, shampoos, and glazes, the company serves car detailers, washes, and dealerships. Ankit Kumar’s commitment to quality and innovation has driven the company’s expansion, maintaining a customer-centric approach. Headquartered in Roorkee District, Haridwar, the company employs around 25 people and offers various manufacturing and packaging capabilities. Auto Glaze Products is a key player in providing professional-grade solutions for automotive cleaning and detailing needs.

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