Instead of filling your garage shelves with endlessly dedicated cleaners of every kind, now you can eliminate many of the dedicated cleaners by choosing a quality cleaner that is suited for many car cleaning and detailing tasks; hence the label all-Purpose, multi-purpose, or even multi-surface cleaners.

The reason this all-purpose cleaner from Auto Glaze has made it on my professional “Must Have” list for a few specific reasons:

  • Meets the criteria for detailing made simple.
  • Is economical.
  • Is safe for virtually every material including leather. 
  • Concentrate; custom dilution ratios are possible.
  • Easy to get.
  • Very effective.

Where to Use:

  • Carpeting, cloth, and fabric shampooing and cleaning.
  • Car leather cleaning.
  • Velour headliners to high-end Alcatraz-lined interiors.
  • Virtually anything that gets dirty can be cleaned with this all-purpose cleaner.
  • A gallon might seem overkill to many driveway detailers or enthusiasts, but this product has so many uses and is very economical.

How to Use:

  • 100 ml of APC in 1Ltr of water.
  • Ensure the vehicle is not under direct sunlight and then wet its surface with cool water.
  • Agitate the solution with a sponge.
  • Apply only foam to clean the surface with a sponge.
  • Remove any excess water with a Microfiber.
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